He was dreaming again.

Floating in a small capsule on a space station.

He felt weightless, nothing holding him down.

It was a wonderful light feeling that allowed him to drift inside this capsule.

The lights flickered inside, but the cold space was just outside.

The dream then slowly changed.

He was being held down by gravity now. Coming back to earth, there was no longer that lightness.

Everything felt like an effort.

He was about to exit a rocket when he woke up.

Talon woke up, he was in his room and not in space.

He yawns, then decides it’s time to start his day.

The Sun Rises

Talon had trouble sleeping that night.

So he got up early. Before the sun.

He was just putting on a pair of slippers when he looked up.

He would be able to watch sun rise that mornning!

Sunlight began to stream into his room.

He smiled and sat on his bed with the curtains opened up. Watching as the sun rose.

He wondered how the day would go.

He liked to think positively and was wondering what good things would happen.

But in the back of his mind he wondered why he mainly only hear about bad things on the news.

He didn’t dwell too long and thought about what good he could today. For today was a new day!

Today was a Saturday though. So he probably wouldn’t see his friends until Monday, when the new week started.

Talon put on his shoes. He could hear talking coming from the kitchen. His parents must be awake!

He opened the door and hoped they could have pancakes today.

As he made his way to the kitchen he thought about the planets.

He liked thinking about the planets and space. Astronomy and space travel were his favorite topics!

Talon knew several trivia and facts about the Sun.

A Light in the Dark

Talon would never admit it to his friends. But he had two night lights. One was of a rocket and the other was of the moon.

He did not like sleeping without them on!

Even since a few years ago. When the power went out and the battery on the night lights stayed on.

He knew he would not be able to part with them.

He thought about the astronauts in space. Did they have many lights on at night? In the middle of space?

He wondered if he could be brave like them as well.

But for now, he’d keep the night lights.

At school, they were going to be learning about new scientific discoveries.

Moon and Back

Talon thought about the Moon.

He wondered why it changed a bit each day over each month.

The changing of the day to night

Day and night were what he knew. But it was the Moon that made this possible.

So when he looked at the stars that night.

He wondered once again what the Moon meant to him and everyone else on Earth.

He wondered why people said, “I’d love you to the Moon and back.”

What did love have to do with the Moon?

Did the Moon make people experience love?

Or was the emotion related to the Moon’s existence?

He yawned when his Mum told him to go to sleep.

He could stare at the stars for hours. But he still needed to sleep.

Tomorrow was a new day.

He had many questions to find the answers to. But they would not be answered tonight.

So off he went, to brush his teeth, switch off the light and go to bed.

He dreamed of the stars, so far away.

But the Moon somewhat closer, was what he dreamed about most!

Talon’s Dream

Talon’s dream is to travel in Space.

He finds a rocket capsule in a local Junkyard and with the help of his friends he repairs it.

Talon enters the rocket into his School’s Science Fair.

But Talon is not completely happy with this outcome. When he finds the checklist in the R manual.

He decides to turn the rocket on.

What happens next?

Find out in the book.

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