Eye of the Storm

The weather had been very windy the last few days. But it was only that morning that it became clear a storm was approaching.

The clouds hanging over their heads were dark grey and the air was becoming more humid with every passing moment.

Talon watched out from his room. He could hear his parents rushing around the kitchen.

Soon he heard the phone ring. He thought he could hear someone talking to his mom.

A few minutes later he heard a knock on his door. He got up and open the door.

His mother looked at him with a small amount of worry.

“There seems to be a few things going with this storm. That was your school’s reception, they are closing the school today. Just to be on the safe side. The area near the school has already been experiencing power outages.”

Talon sighed, he usually looked forward to going to school. Though he guessed he’d have more time to work on homework and his science projects.

He wondered about the power of the storm to cause the power to go out.

He imagined the eye of a storm. The potential it held as well as the forces behind it.

He knew storms didn’t have eyes, but what if they did. Talon dismissed this thought quickly though, it was just a saying.

The weather can be unpredictable on any given day. Sometimes we have to adapt and change with it, rather than fight against what we can’t control.

Storms weren’t as common during this time of year. But maybe the seasons were changing as well, as the world developed further with every passing moment.

Talon knew what his mom thought about this. She thought that time was circular, not completely linear. Everything happening all at once, everywhere in the world. Who knew how vast the universe was? Talon certainly didn’t, but that was why he was so fascinated with space and science. The possibilities were endless, and he thought all this looking outside, the storm was just outside his house now. The rain began to fall, the sound somewhat calming.

“In the age of technology there is constant access to vast amounts of information. The basket overflows; people get overwhelmed; the eye of the storm is not so much what goes on in the world, it is the confusion of how to think, feel, digest, and react to what goes on.” – Author: Criss Jami

The preparations are what they are. We’re here. The storm is coming. We are as best prepared as we can be as the eye of the storm approaches. – Author: Russel Honore

I feel that art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos. A stillness which characterizes prayer, too, and the eye of the storm. I think that art has something to do with an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction. – Author: Saul Bellow

“For several hours we were thrown and battered — till suddenly calm felt — the calmest calm I have ever experienced at sea. God had willed us to enter the eye — you know about it? the still centre of the storm — where we lay at rest — surrounded by hundreds of seabirds, also resting on the water.”
― Patrick White, The Eye of the Storm


Talon was stuck on what he’d do for the Science Fair this year.

What sort of project would be interesting enough?

He’d never be able to beat what he did the other year. Space travel was probably the best he could do.

So now he was between looking at gravity, magnets or something to do with physics.

His friends were also stuck but had offered to support him once he’d chosen a project.

Talon went home that day with an idea.

He’d make a tube that would allow objects that go in to float.

He had seen something similar at a Sci-Tech visit from last year.

His mother was busy with work so he went into his house and did a brainstorm on his science project for 20 or so minutes.

Then he decided he should do a bit of homework for 45 minutes. He had a short break and a snack.

He did a bit more homework and then went to play a game.

On the weekend he would do more planning for his project.

Another idea was nagging him at the moment. Time travel. He had seen a strange manual at the junk yard last week. He wondered what secrets it hold (more on this soon)

To be continued…

Lighter than Air

They were learning about the elements in class one day.

Talon had been unable to sleep last night. So he was struggling to stay awake.

He was doodling on the notepad in front of him as the teacher talked about today’s lesson.

He drew a cloud with a rose next to it.

He wondered about air and the balance of a plane.

He also wondered about gravity and the different gases in the air.

When it was 5 minutes before the bell,

Talon fell asleep!

He was dreaming he was flying into a cloud.

He felt lighter than air!

The cloud began to become greyer and he could hear thunder.

Then the bell rang and woke him up!

Science Projects

Talon always loved to take part in the Science Fair each year.

One year he had saved a rocket and patched it up. He even made it into space!

But since then, he’d never reached the same level of excitement or complexity.

He wasn’t able to get people interested in his Science projects anymore.

“It’s just not the same”, they’d say.

“Do you remember when you rebuilt the rocket? That was epic!”

“What’s this? A magnet? A stick figure?”

Talon sighed, he wondered what project he’d work on this year.

Maybe he could travel in time?

Or discover a new element?

Find a new way for a sustainable future?

Nah, he’d probably just have to do something mellow this year.

With a sigh, he stopped brainstorming for the day.


What is your favourite science project or experiment?

Which field of Science inspires you the most?

Have you read the book, Rocket Boy: Spaceflight book 1 yet?

What is your main goal or inspiration?

Stars Rewritten

The stars are a mystery.

Their history shrouded in uncertainty

But their creation has been theorised by scientists

Talon would watch the stars outside, wondering what secrets they held.

There could be aliens or other beings out there hiding

But he was content to just gaze up at the stars

Many light years away but slightly twinkling none the less.

He wondered if the stars could change or if they were set in a certain way.

Starts rewritten could mean that a star was forgotten or never formed.

Talon sighed as he looked once more at the night sky.

Then he decided he needed to do a bit more homework before bed.

He wished his life wasn’t so mundane! He wanted to be closer to the stars!

His dreams were filled with stars and star dust. A light feeling of floating.

The 3 Ps

Today, Talon had been asked about the qualities he admired most in people. He pondered for a moment. Then asked if he could think about it more. It was before lunchtime. He spent lunchtime thinking about several qualities. But then he was inspired. He decided he most admired the three Ps. Preparation Patient Perseverance or persevering He considered all three to be very important. These qualities were what he saw in strong and caring people. People he looked up to every day. Astronauts, Fire-fighters, Teachers, Nurses and Doctors They had qualities such as perseverance, patience and being prepared. Talon held in a sigh as the bell rang. It was time to give his response now!

Small Ideas can grow

Small ideas can grow. Ideas can become a reality!

Talon was excited to learn that the Science Fair would be happening again this year.

He wondered how he could top flying a rocket capsule into space.

So he decided to go home and brainstorm a bit.

He enjoyed the Science Fair each year. Every Fair brought something unique and fascinating.

Many ideas were put to the test at the Science Fair. Some failed, but others made it through very successfully.

He remembered the report and the manual checklists he’d brought to the Fair last time. He also had photos of the rocket before and after it was repaired.

Talon sighed as he got home finally.

He thought about which areas of science he could explore.

So many possibilities!

Science week (AU)

13-21 August is a national Science week in Australia.

There have been many scientific discoveries spanning the centuries.

But I reckon we’ve made a lot of progress in the last 25-30 years.

Celebrating Science is important because it means we are making progress, investigating the world around us and learning more about the universe.

Space exploration and physics/physical sciences are seen as being on the higher end of the spectrum. But each area of science has their own benefits and uniqueness.

What would you like to know more about? Which area of science are you interested in most?

Which scientific discovery do you think has helped you the most?

Facing Fears

Talon sighed and sat in the circle with his classmates.

He’d been setting up the rocket these past few weeks.

He’d been brave loads of times, but which event stood out the most?

Some of his classmates shared before it was his turn.

“I might be going into space one day. I think I’ve been brave preparing for this.”

Most of his classmates didn’t believe him though.

Talon continued, “I think it’s important to face our fears because fear gets in the way of progress and making new discoveries. I wonder what the first man to the moon felt when he first got to the moon.”

Mrs Robin smiled and nodded in understanding at Talon.

“Yes. He was probably nervous. Might have even had a headache.” said Mrs Robin, and the kids laughed.

“Bravery is important in order to face our fears. But some fears are healthier than others. They can keep us alive by avoiding dangerous situations.” Mrs Robin began to explain.

Fear of the unknown

Talon was walking to school one day. He wondered what would happen today.

He put his bag down and went inside the classroom.

The teacher today was Mrs Robin. She was their music teacher usually. But today she was there to watch them while the main teacher had an appointment they couldn’t change.

“Good morning class,” Sang Mrs Robin.

“Good morning!” the children replied in sing-song voices.

Mrs Robin always brightened their days.

“Today we will be learning something new!” Mrs Robin smiled.

“I noticed that we have been having trouble trying new things,” she said.

“So I will be talking about fear, courage and bravery.”

“As some of you may know. My husband Isaac works at the local space station.”

“He confronts his fears every day!” She declared.

“For you see. Isaac is unfortunately afraid of heights!” She laughed.

The class looked around and wondered where she was going with this.

Talon smiled. He always enjoyed hearing Mrs Robin’s stories. He also wanted to meet Mr Robin.

“Well class, I think we should each share a moment when we faced our fears or were brave and courageous!” Mrs Robin suggested.

Talon sighed as the class formed a circle.

He was nervous about sharing with the class!