Eye of the Storm

The weather had been very windy the last few days. But it was only that morning that it became clear a storm was approaching. The clouds hanging over their heads were dark grey and the air was becoming more humid with every passing moment. Talon watched out from his room. He could hear his parentsContinue reading “Eye of the Storm”

Science Projects

Talon always loved to take part in the Science Fair each year. One year he had saved a rocket and patched it up. He even made it into space! But since then, he’d never reached the same level of excitement or complexity. He wasn’t able to get people interested in his Science projects anymore. “It’sContinue reading “Science Projects”

The 3 Ps

Today, Talon had been asked about the qualities he admired most in people. He pondered for a moment. Then asked if he could think about it more. It was before lunchtime. He spent lunchtime thinking about several qualities. But then he was inspired. He decided he most admired the three Ps. Preparation Patient Perseverance orContinue reading “The 3 Ps”

Small Ideas can grow

Small ideas can grow. Ideas can become a reality! Talon was excited to learn that the Science Fair would be happening again this year. He wondered how he could top flying a rocket capsule into space. So he decided to go home and brainstorm a bit. He enjoyed the Science Fair each year. Every FairContinue reading “Small Ideas can grow”

Science week (AU)

13-21 August is a national Science week in Australia. There have been many scientific discoveries spanning the centuries. But I reckon we’ve made a lot of progress in the last 25-30 years. Celebrating Science is important because it means we are making progress, investigating the world around us and learning more about the universe. SpaceContinue reading “Science week (AU)”

Fear of the unknown

Talon was walking to school one day. He wondered what would happen today. He put his bag down and went inside the classroom. The teacher today was Mrs Robin. She was their music teacher usually. But today she was there to watch them while the main teacher had an appointment they couldn’t change. “Good morningContinue reading “Fear of the unknown”