Douglas Rothman is a retired Air Force veteran of 24 years and used to work around the Aerospace community. he used to work with NASA and Edwards Air Force Base on some projects and was inspired to write the book for his daughter. Douglas lives in Phoenix Arizona and is often inspired by archaeology projects and science.

Ariana Rosenberg is a young writer based in Perth, WA Australia. Ariana studied English and Creative Writing at Murdoch University and is finishing a certificate 3 in Accounting at Murdoch TAFE. She writes and blogs on a regular basis. She’s written a few E-books before. Ariana has published three picture books before. The Adventures of Madame Sophelia, Rayne’s New Home, and The Garden Children: Season’s Change. Ariana enjoys writing and planning both books and short stories. She has a blog called Rose on the Horizon which has been running since 2018. As she becomes more established as a writer, Ariana has been volunteering at a bookshop and recently, at a library in Melville, a Perth suburb. Ariana is hoping to either work in a Library or bookshop and to continue to write part-time.

She has a cat called Sophie who enjoys her company. Ariana has been inspired by her grandfather (dad’s dad), her niece, her nephew, and her cat. Her dad and his partner also support Ariana in several ways and always encourage her writing and goals. She hopes her writing will help people to think, bring them joy and support their development. She also hopes that her books highlight important issues.

Ariana was born in Arizona, USA. She moved to Australia when she was 11 years old. She’s always had a passion for reading, writing and the arts. She enjoys painting, and singing and used to be involved in the Performing Arts in a few minor roles, especially in the United States. Since she was young, Ariana was inspired by the creative arts and the possibilities that can occur with an idea and plenty of encouragement. Rocket Boy looks at the possibilities of space travel, imagination, and the development of an ambitious idea.

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