Talon was stuck on what he’d do for the Science Fair this year.

What sort of project would be interesting enough?

He’d never be able to beat what he did the other year. Space travel was probably the best he could do.

So now he was between looking at gravity, magnets or something to do with physics.

His friends were also stuck but had offered to support him once he’d chosen a project.

Talon went home that day with an idea.

He’d make a tube that would allow objects that go in to float.

He had seen something similar at a Sci-Tech visit from last year.

His mother was busy with work so he went into his house and did a brainstorm on his science project for 20 or so minutes.

Then he decided he should do a bit of homework for 45 minutes. He had a short break and a snack.

He did a bit more homework and then went to play a game.

On the weekend he would do more planning for his project.

Another idea was nagging him at the moment. Time travel. He had seen a strange manual at the junk yard last week. He wondered what secrets it hold (more on this soon)

To be continued…

Published by ArianaRose

I'm inspired to become a writer, playwright & novelist. Recently published two books on Amazon. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I completed a BA in English and Creative Writing at university in July 2021.

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