Science Projects

Talon always loved to take part in the Science Fair each year.

One year he had saved a rocket and patched it up. He even made it into space!

But since then, he’d never reached the same level of excitement or complexity.

He wasn’t able to get people interested in his Science projects anymore.

“It’s just not the same”, they’d say.

“Do you remember when you rebuilt the rocket? That was epic!”

“What’s this? A magnet? A stick figure?”

Talon sighed, he wondered what project he’d work on this year.

Maybe he could travel in time?

Or discover a new element?

Find a new way for a sustainable future?

Nah, he’d probably just have to do something mellow this year.

With a sigh, he stopped brainstorming for the day.


What is your favourite science project or experiment?

Which field of Science inspires you the most?

Have you read the book, Rocket Boy: Spaceflight book 1 yet?

What is your main goal or inspiration?

Published by ArianaRose

I'm inspired to become a writer, playwright & novelist. Recently published two books on Amazon. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I completed a BA in English and Creative Writing at university in July 2021.

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